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C   A   F   É   S        M   O   N   T   A   Ñ   Á

Company founded in 1923, dedicated to the production of coffee, covering all processes, from receipt of the Green until the final packed product.

Company oriented to the 100% white label for catering, without its own brand.

Facilities fully prepared to develop a product constantly to maintain the standard of quality defined by the client.

Preparation of the blend custom parameters that most conform to the specified requirements and those of the market.

Cafés Montañá has machinery more complete for removed color green, cleaning, stones remover, screener, densimetric and Helius.).

Art toasters to give the product an excellent result.

Packager kilo bags with vacuum and degassing valve.
Packing for cans and containers made of any capacity.

In Cafés Montañá we have a lab, which provides quality control of all phases of the product and process, with the necessary machinery for the follow-up of their coffee since that it arrives at the Centre of production green until that comes out perfectly packaged for your company.
The laboratory can be a classroom training for the sales teams of our customers. 

Monitoring of guaranteed traceability of all productions.
Annually production capacity of 2 Million roasted kilos.

M   A   N   U   F   A   C   T   U   R   I   N   G        P   R   O   C   E   S   S 

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