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P a c k a g i n g    o f   t h e  p r o d u c t

Cafés Montańá has also two packaging systems:
1. Bag of 1 Kg
2. Cans of different formats and weights, in prefabricated
containers the Kg packing consists of a porta coils which emphasizes the coil of the product that we are going to be packaged.   Then passes through two encoders where you set from the bar code, batch, expiry date, product specifications, or what the client want.  Then, apply the valve of degassing in order that the product has a longer life in perfect conditions. The bag formed is carried out, then is cut to the desired extent and deposited on the carousel of filling and vacuum. 
Two metered weighing the product inside the bag

Once filled the packaging format, convert to a system of folding. Then drive on four seasons vacuum that absorb all the air inside the bag. Still the soldier of the mouth of the bag, as well as cutting and bending of the same. It automatically applies the label and moved to the shrink where it will bring together according to product specifications. Later, they are palletized and subsequently transferred to the finished product wherehouse to await its distribution.

Packaging ability is 16 bags of 1 kilo per minute, 960 kilos an hour.
The second packing is totally manual to be able to fill all kinds of ready-made packaging (cans, ready-made bags etc.)

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