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C   L   E   A   N   I   N   G   

The cleaning process consist in circulate green coffee through the machinery to obtain a final product in good conditions.
  The process consists of:
1. Cleaning carried out a first cleaning of large waste (ropes, sticks, Earth, cards etc.).
2. Stones remover, which as its name indicates, by a vibration system and air will extract all the stones that can be found between the coffee.
3. Screener, where a system of plates with holes calibrated, will succeed only filter the coffee beans from a certain size. So we will achieve a more homogeneous product.
4. Densimetric, where fall, vibration and air we separate the correct waste grains (pods, brocades, broken, pajosos etc.)

If the lab technician considers that coffee has come up with an excess of black grains, it would proceed to make a last process in the Helius by Color, which as its name indicates, circulates coffee beans for a few Rails with labels color cells.  
These cells compare the color of the grain with the parametric standard, and in the case of no match, separates not suitable of the correct silage.

S   I   L   A   G   E      O   F      T   H   E      G   R   E   E   N

Finally green coffee will go down the silos of green where it will wait for subsequent toasted, separate origins and qualities.

silos of green

SILAGE OF GREEN   - 12 units of capacity of 10,500 kg

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