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BLEND cooffee
blend coffee 3
beld coffee 2

R o a s t e d    o f    t h e    b l e n d

The tab also defined the cuts of all - have parameterized more and inflow of cold air to slow roasting and get complete roasting temperature and time specified.   Roasting time exists between 17 and 19 minutes.

After the roasting process, the coffee flows into cooling tray where a system of roasting blades are removing the product, while being cooled by a powerful air extractors.

Once cooled the coffee is proceed to  take a sample to be taken to the laboratory for realize a final
examinations measuring color,moisture,control volume and tasting in express.
If the technician gives the OK, the roast coffee will rise to the scale of losses by a vacuum system
for depression.In this latter process is performed again quality control, as will only be able to upload those coffee grains with a correct specific weight.

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